Summer Intensive Formation Program 2019

The Formation Toward Christian Ministry (FTCM) program utilizes an adult learning method that requires and presumes that participants have spent some time with the material prior to coming to class. The time spent together in class, then, allows the participants to engage with the material and one another under the direction of the instructor.

The majority of the preparation time prior to coming to class will be spent completing the assigned reading. Participants should expect to spend about 3 hours reading in preparation for every 2 hours spent in class. Many find it helpful to review the questions contained in the handout packet before beginning the reading.

In order to allow participants to know in concrete terms the commitment involved in these courses, the reading assignments and handout packets are given below.

CourseReading AssignmentsHandout Packets
Introduction to ScriptureReading List: Introduction to ScriptureHandout Packet: Introduction to Scripture
Old TestamentReading List: Old TestamentHandout Packet: Old Testament
New TestamentReading List: New Testament
Handout Packet: New Testament
Catholic BeliefsReading List: Catholic Beliefs
Handout Packet: Catholic Beliefs
ChristologyReading List: Christology Handout Packet: Christology 
SacramentsReading List: Sacraments Handout Packet: Sacraments
MoralityReading List: Morality Handout Packet: Morality
Church History 1Reading List: Church History 1
Handout Packet: Church History 1
Church History 2Reading List: Church History 2
Handout Packet: Church History 2