FTCM - Spring and Fall 2020


The Formation Toward Christian Ministry (FTCM) program offers basic theology and spiritual development to Catholic adults who want to deepen their commitment to Jesus and more fully answer their baptismal call to service as a mature disciple.

As a core program offered by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, FTCM provides authentic Catholic teachings taught by approved instructors with Masters or Doctoral degrees in theological disciplines.

There are several formation programs within the Archdiocese that require FTCM as either a portion of their overall program or as a pre-requisite for entry into the program. These include, among others, catechist formation, catechetical leader formation and youth ministry leader formation.

The entire program consists of nine courses and three Days of Reflection, typically arranged in 3 semesters.

Semester 1

Introduction to Scripture Basic concepts regarding reading Scripture 10 hours
Old Testament Navigate through and apply the Old Testament 10 hours
New Testament Know, understand, and apply the New Testament 10 hours
Day of Reflection: Biblical Spirituality Allowing Scripture to saturate our experience of prayer 6 hours

Semester 2

Catholic Beliefs Basic concepts in Christian theology and doctrine 10 hours
Christology Who the Church understands Jesus to be 10 hours
Sacraments The Liturgy and the Sacraments 10 hours
Day of Reflection: Ecclesial Spirituality Allowing the Church and our membership in it to shape our experience of prayer 6 hours

Semester 3

Morality Living as a Catholic Christian disciple 10 hours
Church History 1 From the Resurrection to the Reformation 10 hours
Church History 2 From the Reformation to Today 10 hours
Day of Reflection: Missionary Spirituality Connecting our vocation to mission to our experience of prayer 6 hours


Courses are currently being offered at 3 locations. Please see the Schedule tab for full details about which courses are being offered at which locations on which days.

Books and Reading

A Catholic Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church are required for all courses. Other books are also required for each course.  See the Books tab for more details.

The Formation Toward Christian Ministry (FTCM) program utilizes an adult learning method that requires and presumes that participants have spent some time with the material prior to coming to class. The time spent together in class, then, allows the participants to engage with the material and one another under the direction of the instructor.

The majority of the preparation time prior to coming to class will be spent completing the assigned reading. Participants should expect to spend about 3 hours reading in preparation for every 2 hours spent in class. Many find it helpful to review the questions contained in the handout packet before beginning the reading. See the Reading Assignments tab for more details.


Certificates of completion are awarded annually to those who attend the entire program, i.e. all 9 courses and all 3 Days of Reflection.

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